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Recruitment Bonus Program

The Recruitment Partner Program at ASAP is an opportunity for recruitment agencies, freelance recruiters, and anyone interested in recommending candidates for our open positions. By joining this program, you can earn bonuses for successful candidate recommendations. In fact, 20% of our hires have been the result of successful collaborations with our recruitment partners.

Our Recruitment Partner Program fosters collaboration on both long-term and one-time recommendation basis. Whether you are a recruitment agency or an independent recruiter, we welcome your participation in our program.

Benefits of Joining

  1. Bonus Incentives: Earn guaranteed bonuses for each successful candidate recommendation. The bonus amount will be determined based on the specific position.

  2. Collaboration Opportunities: Engage in a collaborative partnership with ASAP, where we share information, market insights, educational materials, and much more with our partners. 

  3. Flexibility: Our program caters to both long-term collaborations and one-time recommendations, allowing you to participate based on your preferences and availability. We value your contribution, regardless of the level of involvement.

  4. Ongoing Support: Receive weekly feedback on candidates' statuses and dedicated support from our team for any problematic issues that may arise during the recruitment process.

Expectations from Recruitment Partners

  1. Tech IT Recruitment Experience: At least 1 year of experience in tech IT recruitment, ensuring familiarity with industry practices and requirements.

  2. Market Understanding: Demonstrate an understanding of the IT market situation, keeping up-to-date with emerging trends and skill demands.

  3. Pre-Screening Abilities: Conduct thorough pre-screenings of candidates and provide informative summaries to aid in the selection process.

  4. English Proficiency: Possess good knowledge of English to effectively communicate with candidates and our team.

How it Works

  1. You send Candidate's Resume: Send us the resume of a candidate you recommend for ASAP positions.

  2. Candidate Screening: Our team will thoroughly check the candidate's profile in our database and confirm our readiness to consider them for relevant opportunities.

  3. Recruitment Process and Notifications: Once the candidate's resume is approved, we will send it to our recruiters for further evaluation. You will receive email notifications about the progress of the recruitment process.

  4. Candidate Placement: If the candidate successfully goes through our evaluation and interview process and is hired to work, you will get a bonus.

How to Make a Successful Recommendation:

  1. Inform the Candidate: Prior to submitting the candidate's resume and contact details to ASAP, it is crucial to notify the candidate about your intention. This ensures transparency and allows the candidate to give their consent for the transfer of their data.

  2. Assess Suitability: Evaluate whether the candidate is suitable for the job by ensuring their qualifications align with the requirements of the vacancy. Confirm that their skills and experience are relevant to the position.

  3. Verify Data Accuracy: Check the validity of the candidate's data, ensuring that their resume is complete, contains accurate contact details, and includes all necessary information to initiate communication.

  4. Provide Additional Information: Encourage the candidate to answer important questions and include their responses in a cover letter. This information can be crucial for our team's evaluation process. You can refer to the manual provided for our partners for a list of important questions and other useful information.

Let’s Work Together

Join our Recruitment Partner Program and become a part of our talent acquisition community.

For any inquiries or further information, please contact our team. 

Thanks for submitting!

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